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I've spent the last two years working as Managing Editor for the NHS Direct website, updating their digital offering to bring it firmly into the 21st Century. With over 1.5 million visitors per month, it is one of the most popular health sites in the UK, and we have created a group of 40 symptom checkers - interactive online tools designed to replicate the service offered by phoning NHS Direct.
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NHS Direct iPhone app
These online tools are an extremely cost effective way of offering clinical advice and self care information. We have also launched an award winning iPhone and Android web app of the symptom checkers, and have had more than 1,000,000 downloads since their launch in June 2011.

DBT Limited

I worked as Senior Account manager for DBT on the south coast until 2009, and was responsible for many websites during the 6 years I was there, the more notable being:
Bayer CropScience* Rouse Ashbrook Simon-Hartley

Bayer CropScience UK website

Rouse website

Ashbrook Simon-Hartley website

Original Wall of DeathI even project managed the creation of an internet dating site, but the plug got pulled on this when the client went into liquidation. Still, it was a great experience, especially the research!
On a personal level, I created the Original Wall of Death site (left) myself for a friend. Nothing special, but it was an interesting exercise in learning plain html.* 

My payment? Learning how to ride the wall of death.

TaoTalk voice over internet

In 2000, I was working for a voice over internet company called Taotalk (a forerunner of Skype which fell foul of the dotcom bust). In order to promote the service and generate some publicity, I created a series of 'radio broadcasts' Radio 1940 logoin conjunction with Deltaweb to sit on the Royal Air Force website to celebrate the Battle of Britain.

Each day from August 13 (Adler Tag) through to September 17, I wrote and recorded a 2 minute audio summary of the days action, based around the actual War Ministry reports of the day and the broadcast style of the period, hence Radio 1940. These audio reports have recently been dug out of the archive and you can now hear them again on Deltaweb's site.


Prior to that, I was lucky enough to work for one of the best computer software simulation companies of the 90s - MicroProse - and helped create, manage and market numerous flight simulations and Grand Prix simulations.

Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix Grand Prix 2 Dogfight Stunt Car Racer
MicroProse ATAC Star Trek: Next Generation F15 Strike Eagle - Game Boy

* I set websites up for clients and gie them a good steer - how they run them now is up to them!

Bayer CropScience
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